(6-6-04) Slinger Speedway. Point leader Brad JJ Mueller hauls the 89 car off the jackstands

and times in 2nd quick.In the dash,Kid Mueller moves up to 4th place.

The Enders Construction Company adds 3 grand to the winner of the feature,and Brad gets

oh so close,using the outside groove,gets second place and still sits on top of the standings!




(6-13-04) Slinger Speedway.Plumbers Night at the raceway..and Brad and the gang set the

89 car up fast,setting quick time with an 11.422.In the dash,a charge thru the field in the quick

race equals a 2nd place finish. In the 75 lap main,the only groove was the middle,yet Brad found

a hi line to move to the front and finish 4th.BMRE89 leads the points over team 16.



(6-20-04) Slinger Super Speedway. Our  sponsor MTM,Moore than Millwork 70 Lapper

and Brad steers the blue bullet to a 2nd in time @11.425. The dash was used to test some

repairs made by the crew and again,they succeed.In the 70 lap main event,Brad charges to






the front of the pack,gets belted ..yet recovers for another 4th place finish and now leads

Al Schill in points 362-326.


(6-27-04) Races at Slinger Rained out..Rain date is Wednesday




(6-30-04) Slinger Fireworks Night...Round 1.Bradley starts out 4th in time with an 11.442.

In the dash,a 3rd was all he could muster.In the main,a slow charge and a slight push meant

4th place was as far as we got,yet still hold a 414-377 point lead over Dave Feiler.




(7-4-04) Slinger Fireworks,Round II. Brad times in 7th in the MTM 89 Car.

In the 70 lap main,a 20 lap side by side battle with Mike Strupp hinders Kid Mueller's

move to the front and when all was said and done,Team BMRE finishes 4th and leads

Dave Feiler 464-441




(7-11-04) Slinger Speedway. Great night for team BMRE. Timing 5th,Brad cruised

to a win in the trophy dash.The 60 lap mid season main was a tough 1 groove track

but Brad battled and brought the Pontiac home second,and leads Feiler 536-491

heading into tuesday's Slinger Nationals...will 2004 be the year?? BE THERE!




(7-13-04) SLINGER NATIONALS Brad times in Fastest of all the hi priced talent

with an 11.349.In the 250 lap main,Team BMRE showed why the are the best,under



"The 89 teams prep's the GP for 250 laps"


an early caution,the 89 car developed a miss ,Brad pitted and quick work found a

plug wire off. The driver started dead last and charged to second place finish in the 250

lap feature.Brad would like to thank his hard working crew and his sponsors for making

this all possible!!



(7-18-04) Slinger Speedway After a busy week of racing,team BMREheads back to

the track..and starts out fast again with a quick time of 11.393.In the dash,5th was

the finish.The main,and of course fast means back and Brad charged towards the

front once again,avoided a few wrecks and finished 4th..and leads Feiler 591-567.




(7-25-04) Slinger Speedway. Feels like fall....looks like checkered.Timing Brad tours

the speedway with an 11.352,and yes thats fast time.In the dash,4th was the result.

In the main,Brad tore up the racetrack and charged to the front and pulled away for

an easy win,extending his point lead over Dave Feiler 676-632 heading into august.