R.I.P Dean and Dick


9--10-2013. The specials are coming, and we started out the trek to fall with a great weekend.

We won the 2013 Plymouth Championship with a Feature win to secure the crown.

Then, it was off to Slinger for the Tundra series event. The 89 car bested the field and hauled off the hardware!








































Summertime, ahh fun. Soon we'll all be crabby saying it's too cold. Get to the track this weekend, wherever it may be !

We will be teamed up for the next few weeks with Nathan Disney. Then at Chilton, Ross Kenseth will race under the BMRE89 banner!







7-15-2013 We have been racing, having fun. Did a HELL tour race, a couple Cornbelt clash races, Milwaukee Mile ,even the Slinger

Nationals. Mixed results. Follow BMRE on Facebook for the latest results and pictures ! Thanks for the ride !


















6-20-2013 Random Lake. Webmaster Bob took a picture of the dirt car at Times Printing today. It show's the kid's

curious about the car. Let's keep the Kid's interested in local short track racing ! Bring them to the races this weekend !







6-18-2013. Well, we had a fun time at Wilmot for the Hell Tour. These are some of the best on dirt, racing for a month

straight night after night. They let us come and race against them, and we took 14th in the A main. Racing against these

traveler's always teaches a dog a new trick or 2 ! The Slinger National's are $9,999 dollars to win in 2013, and we feel

it is time for the name Mueller on the trophy! See you at Plymouth and Slinger in the next couple weeks, and follow us

on Facebook.



5-27-2013 Weekend  of racing started out great with a  Feature win at Plymouth Dirt, then a Fast Heat win

at Slinger. In the feature at Slinger, we got G + G'ed, ending our night sitting in the infield. Thank you to Tim Keith

 and all the bidder's that helped raise money for Keaton.








5-20-2013 Plymouth Dirt Track and Slinger Speedway double header. We finished 2nd at Plymouth and 3rd at Slinger in their feature

events. Memorial Day Weekend will be great !  Let's Go Racing!







5-5-2013 Slinger Super Speedway. WOW! BMRE hauls off to Slinger with SBF 30 (40 for Rosco) and starts out with Fast Time !

In the 60 lap main event, a steady race to the front netted a WIN by .039 seconds over Steve Apel. WE are taking the transmission

out tonight, for the driver had to hold the car in gear the last 10 laps. Let's pray for Dirt Track Racing this weekend!

What did you think of the dice roll ?? Was rated 4.4 overall.....Swedish Judge was hard on JJ !

Here are a few pics from Bob Schneider Jr.







5-4-2013. With the Plymouth Races  washed out, we will be at Slinger Sunday afternoon , Support your local short track !












4-29-2013 (Random Lake, WI) BMRE ran the Slinger season opener. We started out 3rd in time and took 4th in the 75 lap

main event. We were coming to the front, the race was coming to us, but just ran out of laps !







4-3-2013 Hell yeah ! Look at the snow melt ! In a few short weeks, BMRE will be at the Slinger Super Speedway for

the season opener. The track has new owners and a fresh attitude towards you, the race fan ! Season passes are very

reasonable and the action is always amazing!  Visit their website HERE











2-6-2013 Come see the 2013 Tar ride at the World of Wheels, State Fair Park

Click HERE for show info and times.

 See you there !